Janice Farrell Poetry Prize Category

1st Prize: $100…. 2nd Prize: $50…. Third Prize:…. $25

Category Details

Three poems per entry. One poem per page. One page poems only. We welcome free verse, blank verse and prose poems. Each year a local poet is invited to guest judge. At this point the judge for the current category is yet to be announced. Past judges have included Katherine Harer, Rich Yurman, Patricia Gale, Christopher J. Renz, O.P., David Smith-Ferri, Toby Kaplan, Joyce Jenkins, C. B. Follett, Susan Terris, Janell Moon, Alice Rogoff, Clive Matson, David Alpaugh, Forrest Hamer, Marcia Campbell, Andrena Zawinski, Grace M. Grafton, Adam David Miller, Stewart Florsheim, Marvin R. Hiemstra, Charles and Gail Entrekin, Jeanne Wagner, Erica Goss, Connie Post, Susan Cohen, Dawn McGuire.

About Sponsor

JANICE FARRELL (San Francisco, CA) has a private practice in Spiritual Direction and trains and supervises Spiritual Director interns at Mercy Center Burlingame. She has a degree in Psychology, certification as a Holistic Health Educator Counselor, and has done extensive post grad work in Theology. She invites local poets as annual judges in her eager and full-hearted support of poetry, which she loves deeply.

Mercy Center Burlingame

Last Year’s Winners (2016)


First Prize: Robert Eastwood of San Ramon, CA for “Vowels of a Lullaby: a Glosa”

Second Prize: Catherine Freeling of Berkeley, CA for “Heart Attack”

Third Prize: Robbi Nester of Lake Forest, CA for “After Blossom, a Painting by Phil Greenwood”

Honorable Mentions:Judith Anderson of San Rafael, CA for “Choice”; Heather Bourbeau of Berkeley, CA for “Sea Horses (Syria)”; Peter Neil Carroll of Belmont, CA for “Her Gaze”; Catharine Clark-Sayles of San Rafael, CA for “The World Looks Back”; Gretchen Fletcher of Fort Lauderdale, FL for “Ars Poetica”; Catherine Freeling of Berkeley, CA for “In a Forest During a Storm, Growing Older”; Ellaraine Lockie of Sunnyvale, CA for “In the Beginning, There Was”; Margaret McCarthy of New York, NY for “Photography”; Robbi Nester of Lake Forest, CA for “Moving”; Ryan Warren of El Granada, CA for “The Ravens of Japan”