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Elise Kazanjian & Ellen Woods Prose Poem Prize

1st Prize  $100 . . . . 2nd Prize $50. . . . .3rd Prize $25

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A prose poem should look like prose,

no line breaks, and read like poetry. The Eastern Iowa Review puts

it: “A Prose Poem is more than a narrative story told in a generic way;

there is surprise in the language, variety in sentence length, but always

the unexpected.” For an example, see Grace Marie Grafton “Daft”.

Each prose poem 200 words or less single spaced, each on separate pages,

three poems per entry. Amaze us.



About Judges/Sponsors

·       Ellen Woods (Berkeley, CA) is a memoirist and poet, the author of Warriors in

Transition: A Memoir in Twenty-Eight Stories, published in 2014. Her work appears in

numerous literary journals including Inquiring Mind, Blood and Thunder, About Place

Journal, Street Spirit, In Laymen’s Terms, and Marin Poetry Center Anthology. She has

received prizes in writing competitions, including Soul-Making Keats Literary

Competition and Mendocino Coast Writing Conference, and has curated submissions to

the Bay Area Generations monthly literary competition. She is a retired county

psychiatric social worker


Elise Shabas Kazanjian (San Francisco, CA) is a poet and writer who spent the first

decade of her life in Tian Jin, China where her father managed an American rug

factory. She has worked at Sunset Magazine, as the Foreign Editor at CCTV in Bei

Jing, China, the Administrator of August Coppola’s Audio Vision Project for the

sight impaired at SF State University, and has been a pawnbroker.

Her poems have been published in anthologies and journals including Poets

Eleven, New Millennium Writings, A Kind of Hurricane Press, and Minute

Magazine. She has won awards from Chicagoland Poetry Contest, and the Soul-

Making Keats Literary Competition. Her essays have appeared in the San Francisco

Chronicle, and her book reviews in the San Francisco Examiner. She is a member

of the Wednesday Women Writers, a group of writers who have been meeting

for over ten years.


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Last Year's Winners (2018)

First Prize:  for 2019 to be announced 

Second Prize: liu iuokjouiui

Third Prize: ..kjuokmnion oi

Honorable Mentions: lkj oiuou pouiouioujun